2019 Top 5 Camera For Photography

You must be aiming at getting better cameras for photography work. They will be useful for you in holiday album, portfolio, and projects. It is a good idea to invest in buying the best camera regardless of the cost. You will end up getting quality photos, and this way, your business will boom. Digital cameras are offering various advantages, thus improving creativity. When you add photography to your portfolio skills, you will be opening doors and expanding your work in exciting and new directions.

The list below is showing various 2019 Top 5 Camera For Photography that you can consider purchasing.

1. Fujifilm X-T30.  It is a mirrorless camera which is having a sensor size of APS-C. Therefore, the camera is sensitive, thus producing quality photos. It has a resolution of 26MP and a lens which is Fujifilm X. The monitor has a 3.0-inch display making the photos clear besides having 1,040,000 dots. Additionally, it has a viewing finder, which is hybrid and a max bursting speed of 30fps. However, the camera can capture movies which are 4K since it has an enthusiast level. The autofocus level is excellent, bringing about an all-around performance. Besides, it can have fiddly controls, thus improving the quality of the camera.

2. Nikon D850.  It is having a high resolution and a high-speed. Compared to the Sony A7R III, it is less portable. Besides this, it is still expensive. In the current DSLR world, Nikon D850 is always a top dog. When you are considering the number of things it gets right, it is unchallenged by Canon. In most cases, a camera is expected to deliver either in resolution or speed, but D850 is successful in both fields. Its 45.7MP sensor is useful in producing richly detailed images, especially as it lacks an anti-aliasing filter.

3. Rebel SL2/ Canon EOS 200D.  It is bearing a massive lens range regardless of its light, tiny body. Besides, it has mirrorless rivals which are offering stronger specs. It has an unrefined finish though it is not complete. It is neither the newest nor the cheapest in the market. You can be grabbing the camera as a body. It is the only option though most people never mind spending a little to pair it. For the first timers, this camera is a great option, especially if live viewing or video please you.

4. Panasonic Lumix GH5.  It has masses of controlling video and ranging burgeoning lens. Besides, the sensor is not high in low light. Therefore it has no real size advantage over DSLR full-frame. It is always tricky deciding where to start as the camera bears various pique capturing videographers interest.

5. Nikon Z6. ┬áIt has a high ISO quality, which ensures capturing of pictures is of high quality. Additionally, it has in-body stabilization that enhances the taking of photographs that are of high quality regardless of whether a person is walking or not. Besides, it has an ordinary battery life which enables one to work for a long duration before charging the camera – read article on guide to taking pictures.


A camera will ease your work as you will not be employing people to do the work for you. Besides, you will be able to take pictures as long as you want. Therefore, consider buying one of these cameras, and you will enjoy using it.